Parent Engagement

What is Parent University?

Welcome to Parent University, an opportunity to sharpen your skills as you work in one of life's most important and demanding roles. Parent University provides parents and caregivers with information about their vital role in shaping children's lives. Decades of research shows that when families are involved in their child’s education, children succeed academically. Sessions focus on child development, what children are learning in schools, advocacy, parent leadership and effective parenting skills.

AOW Parent University seeks to "educate and empower parents as partners, advocates and lifelong teachers in their child's education through educational courses and leadership opportunities."

Parent University Goals

  • Increase parental involvement and participation in schools,
  • Empower parents to become effective advocates for their children,
  • Strengthen home-school-community partnerships, 
  • Allow parents an opportunity to network with professionals and other parents,
  • Help parents develop the skills needed to implement positive parenting practices, and
  • Equip parents with the knowledge and awareness of resources available to them.

Areas of Focus

  • Academics
  • Health & Wellness
  • Personal Growth

Parent Advisory Board (PAB) A Parent Advisory Board exists to provide a place for parents and community members to share their feedback and ideas to the school leaders. It is the role of the school leaders to provide parents with our School Improvement Plan (SIP), and take time to discuss the SIP and the timelines for accomplishing the goals from the SIP.  As the school year progresses and different parts of the SIP are implemented, parents will assume additional responsibilities for supporting their AOW students and school. Parents also will be asked to agree in writing to play a role in making sure their children succeed in school.

Who is the PAB? 

It is a group of parents, caregivers, community members who:  

  • Provide a means of communication between parents and teachers, including School Improvement Plan, Perception Surveys and Suggestions.
  • Provide realistic opportunities with strategies for parents to be involved in their child's education and school activities.
  • Form committees to tackle big projects, such as Playground Renovation, Fundraising and Grant research.
  • Financially support school activities and projects by working through fundraisers to pay for class field trips.
  • Show support to staff by providing teachers with catered lunches or dinners during Parent Teacher Conferences.  

The PAB also helps to provide small gifts to staff during Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Sponsor Projects

PAB helps sponsor big projects to enhance the school, provides a way for you to fulfill your volunteer commitments through Community Gardens, Fitness Trails or helping with landscaping the school grounds.

Parent Support

Parent Support is Important at Academy of Warren K-8 School! You are a vital part of your child’s and our school’s success.  Please contact us at (586) 552-8010 about volunteering your smiles, times and support.

Our Committed AOW Parents Help Lift Students to the Next Level of Success ! 

AOW Parent Teacher Club…..Needs YOU!

The Academy of Warren  Parent Teacher Club (PTC) supports teachers, staff, students, and parents to enhance curriculum and build community at our school.  PTC does this by coordinating volunteer and fundraising efforts needed to offer programs and activities that enrich our students education experiences.  

Joining PTC is EASY! Stop by the main office and pick up a volunteer application.