About Us

Why Choose a Charter School?

Charter schools are independent public schools that create unique learning environments for their children.  They owe their success to building relationships with their stakeholders and encouraging involvement of parents, teachers, students and community members.  They all work together to create a culture that values the success of each child. 

Charter schools are held to high standards, and must demonstrate performance in academic achievement, responsible financial management, and provide organizational stability.  Through parent input, highly qualified staff, and innovative leaders supported by management organizations, students receive what they need to learn.

Vision, Mission, Values


AOW uses the American ideal of free enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit to collaborate with our community and business partners to prepare students to successfully compete in a global society through real world opportunities that expand beyond their classrooms.  


The mission of the Academy is to equip and empower motivated, lifelong learners through a 21st century, multicultural, student-centered environment of high academic, behavioral and moral standards.  Students will be taught to understand the free enterprise system through a curriculum infused with entrepreneurial concepts and standards.  Teachers and the school administrators will have the opportunity, responsibility and accountability for the management and control for the total school environment as mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act and Education Yes!  Moreover, parent and community involvement will be fostered through the use of public resources and partnerships.


America was built on free enterprise and continues to thrive on the ideas of entrepreneurs!

At Academy of Warren, our students are learning how to navigate the free enterprise system through a dynamic, challenging curriculum infused with authentic entrepreneurial concepts and program opportunities to try out their ideas.

Teachers, support staff and administrators are members of a professional learning community who are responsible for facilitating student learning through many avenues.  Using a strong curriculum based on national and Common Core State Standards (CCSS), best practices and ongoing professional development, the AOW represents a collaborative community where each child's success is the goal.   At Academy of Warren, we intentionally create a learning environment that is engaging, positive and encourages each child to do his or her very best.

AOW collaborative community is built upon parent and community involvement. This occurs through our strong Parent Advisory Board (PAB) that meets each month. Our PAB works together to tap into public resources, create and sustain lasting community partnerships and offer activities to make Academy of Warren a place where "worlds of opportunity" are available for each student!

Creed of Excellence

My education is important to me.  To become educated, I must discipline myself.  I will observe the school rules every day to make Academy of Warren the best school on planet Earth.  I will listen to my teachers, I will treat my classmates kindly.  I will work with all my ability.  I will work quietly and respect the rights of others to learn in peace.  Every day I will do my best to respect others and to respect myself. My education is important to me!